The "Lifestyle" Kit

Leave the Patagonia vests behind for your new life in South Beach.
Meet the Mayor
Francis Suarez
We'll ask the Mayor to follow you on Twitter, retweet your "I'm moving to Miami" tweet, as well as arrange a coffee meeting.
Gym Membership
Crossfit or Barry's
Choose between a membership to a local crossfit gym or Barry's passes.
Nightclub VIP
Get a special intro to the owners of both E11EVEN and LIV and a VIP pass.
Food Tour
Cuban Sandwiches
Despite not having a Michelin Guide, Miami has plenty of good food. You won't miss sourdough at all.
Art Lessons
A Crash Course
You'll be able to explain why Art Deco is underrated at Art Basel in no time at all.
Bug Spray
This included organic spray bottle should keep the mosquitoes away for a little while.
Fashion Revamp
Local Stylish
You can't tan in a fleece jacket. A local stylist will acquire palm prints, Versace jungle prints, and guayaberas for you.
Car Lease
Your Tesla won't get you any looks here. You'll need a Lambo or at least a Porsche.
Private Jet Card
Get a dozen hours on a private jet to temporarily whisk you away if you get tired of the sun.

The "Totally not for taxes" Kit

It's ok, you don't have to lie to us, we won't tell the California FTB. Includes everything in the "lifestyle" kit.
Press Article
Our PR team will co-ordinate one article about how you are planning on moving to Miami for "lifestyle" reasons.
Tax Consultation
Don't let the California Franchise Tax Board sour your mood. Our tax team will help keep them out of mind.

The "I'm kind of a big deal" kit

For when you are expecting five IPOs in your portfolio and realize you can buy a mansion
Private Jet
You've moved on from the concept of fractional ownership and can't be seen at the NetJets lounge.
Beachside Mansion
60% off Atherton prices
Upgrade from your three bedroom Bay Area residence to a six bedroom, seven bath beachside mansion .
Miami Heat & Art Basel
Your fast track into the social fabric of Miami.


Is this site run by the CA FTB?

Before we answer that, who told you that? It would be an awful shame if they were to get an audit next year.

Can I get tax incentives for moving?

So you weren't just moving to Miami for the lifestyle?

Can I invest in the goverment?

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